Top Azores Islands to visit.
We love all the Azores Islands, so it is quite hard to tell you which ones to visit or not. In case you have time we advise you to explore all of them during the summer time, for example, and you can travel between all of them by boat:
If you are short on time, we selected 4 islands that you shouldn’t miss:

1 – São Miguel Island – It is the easiest to travel to, you have a direct flight from Lisbon and Oporto as well as from a lot of countries in Europe and England.

Here you have one of Portugal’s 7 Wonders – Sete Cidades Lake – where you can simply walk around the rim of the crater. Furnas location is as well a must in this Island, you have natural hot springs to relax during the night or by day! This Island is super rich in terms of nature landscapes and trails, so we recommend São Miguel!

2 – Flores Island – It is more complicated to reach, but it’s amazing natural landscapes compensate all the efforts. This Island is an amazing place for canyoning, since it has high waterfalls and a lot of riffs to explore. If you love to hike this is also a great option! There is two big trails that can help you hike around the island and discover it in a more unique way!

3 – Terceira Island – The people here are simply amazing. The party spirit and community sense in this Island is quite nice. If you want to explore the culture of the Azores this is an amazing place to start with. Angra do Heroísmos is part of UNESCO patrimony for its rich cultural heritage and history. Terceira Island is as well famous for its food – “Alcatra” dish is famous through all the Azores archipelago, and here it is where it originally comes from!

4 – Pico Island – This island is amazing in so many ways: you have the UNESCO vineyards landscape fields, and this means you can taste some amazing wines! The Pico Mountain is always looking at you. This mountain is the highest in all Portugal, and here you can climb it. We recommend climbing with certified guides and to watch the sunrise or the sunset, sometimes, during winter and if you are well geared you can also climb it with snow! The fresh fish here is amazingly good, if you are a fish lover you must try the delicious delicacy of Pico Island – The “Caldo de Peixe” dish! We will not even bother to describe it, since you must try it for yourself!