Thank you for Support us in these difficult times.

Has a way to thank you we will get your back too!


During the time of COVID-19, the tourism area has suffered a lot. So, we made this campaign so you can help us and we can help you too.

If you are planning to visit de Azores, but simply don´t know yet when. Simply buy us a travel voucher with the amount that fits you better.

As a way to thank you for your support the advance, we will offer you besides the amount of your voucher plus 20% on top, so you can spend it when booking your activities and experience with us!

We will give an example,

If you support us with 45 euros we will give a voucher for 54 euros to spend on our tour.

If the amount is 100€, we’ll give you a voucher with 120€.

and so on!

THANK you for having our back now!


Terms & Conditions

Voucher valid for a year

Amount or voucher Non-refundable.