Our Privacy Policy was developed to help all our costumers understand how Factory 76 uses their personal data while using our website, contacting us by email or by phone.

What and when personal information is collected?

Personal data can be asked such as name, email address, phone number, or credit card information when making a booking on our website. This data is asked so we can provide a better customer experience.

We can collect your personal information during your time on our website, it can be by subscribing to some of or services, making an effective booking, surfing the website, or other features.

How is your information used?

We collect information to help customer experience while navigating on our platforms:

By collecting information from the location you are accessing us, we can better display content and product information that may be the most interesting to you.

Transactions are faster with the use of personal data, although always with our certified systems – your safety is always our priority.

Some information can also be used to communicate by email or phone about updates of the products you bought or suggesting others.

How do Factory 76 protect the personal data collected?

All personal information from our clients is secured and accessed by a restricted number of people from Factory 76, lda.

All information such as credit card information you may supply while making a booking is encrypted and secured via SSL technology.

More information provided while navigating our platform has specific security procedures that we take seriously to make sure that everything is dealt with safely.

All payments are processed through a gateway provider (Fareharbor) and are stored only in their servers, not ours.