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During the time of COVID-19, the tourism area has suffered a lot. So, we made this campaign so you can help us and we can help you too.

If you are planning to visit de Azores, but simply don´t know yet when. Simply buy us a travel voucher with the amount that fits you better.

As a way to thank you for your support the advance, we will offer you besides the amount of your voucher plus 20% on top, so you can spend it when booking your activities and experience with us!

We will give an example,

If you support us with 45 euros we will give a voucher for 54 euros to spend on our tour.

If the amount is 100€, we’ll give you a voucher with 120€.

and so on!

THANK you for having our back now!


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Wellness Package- Special Campaign

Wellness package

100€ / 135€


Welcome to a world of relaxation! With our Wellness Package, you can spoil yourself and be in nature at the same time.

Our Wellness Package includes a peaceful walking trail in the middle of nature, surrounded by birds, trees, water lines, and waterfall, full nature package in one place. After some peacefully walk nothing better than exploring some natural hot spring, from our active volcanos and full of nutrients and minerals, at late afternoon to relax even more your body with the light of the sunset or even the stars!

At the end of the day, your body will be thankful for the relaxing therapy and the mindfulness nature connection



Our Wellness Package Includes:

Pick up and drop off at your hotel, in Ponta Delgada City. (available to other places on the island on request)

Full day experience- around 12 hours.
Entrance to health spas and hot springs.
Picnic -  Tapas menu lunch.

Insurance included

Tour guide



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Azores 3 days Adventures!

Azores 3 days Adventures


200€ / 225€


Welcome to our adventure package! With our Azores 3 days adventure program design by our local guides you will be simply amazed how a small island can have such many thing to do , see, and explore.

In this program, you will be able to explore the Azorean Land and the Atlantic Sea.

On your first day, we have planned a full day discovery to the two biggest volcanic craters from the São Miguel island,  Sete Cidade and Fogo.

On the second day, a full day relaxation experience waits for you. we will be exploring the Furnas area, their thermal hot spring, and historical factories.

On the third day, the captain of the boat is waiting for us, to show us the beauty of our sea and the species that live there, From, Whales, dolphins, flying fishes, manta rays, turtles, jellyfishes and a lot of birds, everything is possible here. Wow and of course a new perspective form the São Miguel Island Landscape.

Ready to join your biggest experience of all!




Our Azores 3 days Adventures Includes:

3 tour activities - Full day to Sete Cidade and Fogo Lake, Full day to Furnas, and a Hald day Whale and Dolphin Watching.

Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Ponta Delgada City, for the land activities (available to other places on the island on request)

Full day experiences- +- 7.5 hours.
Entrances to natural parks and reserves, hots springs areas, and interpretative centers and historical factories.
Lunch in local and traditional restaurants included on the land tours.

Insurance included

Tour guide



Terms and condition:

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Plan your Trip with Local Travel Experts

Plan your Trip

with Local Travel Experts

25€ / 1 hour

Have you arrived at the Azores or are you still planning your trip?

Nothing better than receive tips and plans from a Local.
Talk with one of your local travel guides, that will listen to your desires and wishes a will prepare with you the best a plan, day by day, stop by stop, so you can enjoy the Azores, ways from tourists encountering the small little local secrets and simply enjoy RAW NATURE at it fullest just for you.

So don't forget if you are planning to go to São Miguel, and wish to rent a car, be independent and free, but you’re not sure about what to do. however, you are sure that you still want to have the best itinerary to São Miguel island, tips and routes just for you and wish you knew a local to give you the best tips and secrets to explore!

Simply book a one-hour meeting with our local guides and he’ll be ready to guide you. Either meet us at our headquarters for a coffee or we can arrange an online call just for you.

Just let us know what suits you best!


Our Meeting with a local guide Includes:

  • -+1 hour of consulting and conversation with a local travel guide
  • A paper map, to draw and make all the secrets, if it is an online meeting we will provide you with a PDF map with your personalized itinerary
  • one free coffee at our headquarters
  • Private contact number so you can have continuous assistance during your stat in the Azores.



Terms and condition:

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