Watching the stars and relaxing in the hot Springs


Holidays in the Azores mean nature, hikes, ocean experiences and hot springs! In destinations like São Miguel Island we have a lot to offer, and sometimes finding the time to relax is hard. This is the perfect tour for people that want to relax after long days exploring the island or when your time is short here.

We will depart from Ponta Delgada at 19:00, also, drive to some really nice viewpoints where we will share our knowledge about the origin of the Islands and tips on what to do during the next days.

After this, we will spend some quality time in 39ºC waters that will make you relax and at that point the stars will start to appear in the sky, making this an amazing experience.

After the hot spring having a light dinner in Furnas and stoping in some other points of interest is included. We will finish our experience with some hot magical tea and homemade cookies.

Enjoy the ride back to Ponta Delgada. Body and energies will be totally recovered. Necessary equipment: towel, swimwear, and a jacket.