Are you planning to travel to the Azores? You do not know what to bring with you?

We can help you with some of our resident tips:

1 – Bring a good grip shoe. It is always better to have a good pair of hike shoes with you since there are a lot to explore in the great outdoors. Waterfalls, trails and a lot more to do, so make sure you bring an option for the dirt paths.

2 – Rainy jacket – We have an unpredictable weather, although the temperatures are mild year-round, we can have 4 seasons in just one day, even in summertime! Bring a light rainy jacket with you when travelling to the Azores.

3 – Darker and older bathing suits and towel – Hot thermal waters are one of the reasons the Azores are so well known therefore you should always have a towel and bathing suit with you. One tip is to always bring darker and older bathing clothes since the iron from the waters can stain the white clothes forever! Keep this in mind.

4 – Camera always ready! – The Azores have amazing landscapes to explore and that means a lot of opportunities to take unique photos. Since we are not a massive tourism destination you can always take some time to take that amazing shot!

5 – Power bank – If you only have your phone as your camera, you must think about saving the battery as much as you can to help you take the best shots of your trip, if you want to have it always handy, we strongly advise you to bring a power bank with you so you can enjoy more.

6 – Travel bottles – Always keep yourself hydrated! Here the humidity is quite hard on the body, sometimes during summer time we have 90% humidity with temperatures of around 30ºC this means you should keep your body hydrated so you can still do all the outdoor activities you have planned.

7 – Hat & Sunblock – The sun here is hard! Even with clouds, the UV rays are always high, so we recommend the use of sunblock and a hat to protect you from the sun and to keep you safe.

Now that you have our advice on what to pack to come to the Azores, what are you waiting for?