Our top 6 restaurants in São Miguel Island – Dinner recommendations

The Azores are well-known for its gastronomical delicacies. We are the home of some of the best selection of cheeses, wines, meat, milk, pineapple and a lot more. To help you choose the best options for dinner we have selected some of our own favorites!

1 – Boca de Cena – Ponta Delgada

Price range: $$$

This place is a must while in Ponta Delgada! This restaurant only opens at dinner time and for reservations only. With only one person, cooking and serving this is a place to chill while waiting for the food. The chef will always suggest the best options of the menu, since he only works with seasonal and local products, so some of the options are only available if the ingredients are fresh. This is a restaurant that you pay for a whole experience.

2 – Reserva Tapas – Ponta Delgada

Price range: $$

This is a tapas restaurant with a chilled but stylish environment. They have a big range of wines for you to choose from and according to the wine you can select some of the tapas that will best suit it. Super nice and friendly staff and a gastronomical but light experience.

3 – Rotas da Ilha Verde – Ponta Delgada | Vegetarian and Vegan

Price range: §§

If you are a vegan or vegetarian person or even if you want to give it a try, please go to Rotas Restaurant. Serves dinner only, and you have a whole nicely made menu to choose from with only vegetarian and vegan options. Tasty and super cozy, this is a restaurant to go for a nice dinner. Please make reservation and try their desserts!

4 – Caloura Bar – Caloura

Price range: §§

This must be one of the best fish restaurants in the entire São Miguel Island. Here you can almost taste the salty water when eating the fish, it is soooooo fresh! They serve a mic of all the fresh fishes of the day and other options, but when going there to have some dinner please go early in the afternoon, since they are always full. For this restaurant you do not need reservation, you just need time!

5 – Casa do Abel – Steak House – Água de Pau

Price range: §§

For meat lovers, this is the best option. They provide only top meat pieces in a nice decorated restaurant. If you are a truly meat lover, you must go to Casa do Abel! The plates are nicely served, and the environment is worth it! You can book a table or not, it’s up to you, take in mind that usually is quite often full!

6 – Restaurant Cantinho do Cais – São Brás

Price range: §§

This place is a non-touristic restaurant. Here you can find a local family business that is focused on the fish soup and fresh fishes! It is a chilled place that locals usually go. The way of serving the fish soup is quite unique: The owner serves the soup directly to your plate and takes all the bones out of the fish in front of you. If you want to have a different experience, you must try this family restaurant!

Here are our top 6 restaurants in São Miguel Island that we, as locals, love, so we hope it helps you to choose wisely when coming here. What is your favorite restaurant of all these ones? Give us your feedback after trying them.