A rainy day in São Miguel – What to do

Located in the temperate area of the Northern Hemisphere, the Azores are known by their mild climate throughout the year. Rain and clouds are a possibility at any time of the year, although the summer months have longer periods of sunshine and higher temperatures. We are also known for having the four seasons in one day, so you better be prepared!

Since our major touristic activity is outdoors, we get a lot of questions on what to do in case it rains. We are here to help!

First of all, it might be raining where you’re staying but could be sunny on the opposite side of the island. In this case, we recommend taking a look at spotazores.com. You can see how’s the weather, live, in other areas. It might be helpful before leaving your accommodation to explore. Also, it can be raining in the morning and get sunny in the afternoon. Check windguru.cz and see if it’s going to rain for the rest of the day.

So, if you decide not to have an adventure in the rain, here are our recommendations:

Gorreana Tea Plantation

On the north coast, you can find Gorreana Tea Plantation. It is the oldest tea plantation in Europe! They offer guided tours every day, so you can know more about of our plantations. You can either explore it by yourself if you prefer. While you are there, you can smell the tea everywhere and in the end, they have a small bar, where you can try the tea, with a view for the fields.

Schedule: Weekdays from 8h00 to 19h00 Weekends from 9h00 to 19h00

Pineapple Plantation – A Arruda

When you think about the Azores, you think about pineapples. So it’s a great idea to go and see how they grow. The pineapple plantation A Arruda is located in Fajã de Baixo, Ponta Delgada. They will show you all the phases of pineapple cultivation. You can also visit their Gift Shop, where you can get a free tasting of their Pineapple Liqueur.

Schedule: April to September from 09h until 20h October to March from 09h until 18h

Liqueur Factory – Mulher de Capote

Founded in 1993, in Ribeira Grande, this liqueur factory is known for producing liqueurs with Azorean flavors (pineapple, passion fruit, etc) in porcelain bottles, with various figures – from female figures, horsemen, lighthouses, and cows. In a guided tour, you’ll have a chance to see the various manufacturing processes of their products, and also tasting them, all for free!

Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 9h to 12h -13h to 18h

Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market, known as Mercado da Graça, is around for more than 100 years and it’s one of the most emblematic points of Ponta Delgada. By going there, you can know more about our culture, our locals that are always willing to tell you some stories, and also find out about products that are only produced here. You can find there fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and meat, flowers, souvenirs. A little bit of everything.

Schedule: Monday to Wednesday – 7h30 -18h30 Thursday – 7h30 – 19h Friday – 7h – 19h Saturday – 7h to 14h

Closed: Sunday and holidays (unless it’s Friday or Saturday)

Hot springs

Caldeira Velha or Termas das Caldeiras (Ribeira Grande) Poça da Dona Beija or Terra Nostra Park (Furnas). You choose. The hot springs can never disappoint you. The waters temperatures can range from the 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, so you won’t ever feel cold. Besides giving you a relaxed time, it has some therapeutic properties that help and treat various diseases.

Schedule: Caldeira Velha – every day from 9h to 20h –  Termas das Caldeiras – every day from 10h to 22h –  Terra Nostra Park – every day from 10h to 18h –  Poça Dona Beija – every day from 7h to 23h – All of them are paid from 6 to 15 euros

Carlos Machado Museum

This museum is the oldest in the Azores. Located in Ponta Delgada, it is dedicated to ethnography, with scenes from the Azorean life. You can also find toys from the 19th and 20th centuries and an art collection, with paining and sculptures from local artists, like Canto da Maia and Domingos Rebelo.

Schedule: October, 1 to March, 31 9h30 – 17h – Closed on Mondays

April, 1 to September, 30 10h – 17h30 – Closed on Monday – Paid

And that’s our recommendation. Don’t forget to make the most of your holidays, even if it’s raining!