Covid-19 and Factory 76

“We hope that all of you are safe. That you and your loved ones are safe. We are currently in a really difficult time in all our lives. Our team is now working from home, and we are eager to start moving around the amazing island we live in – São Miguel.

Safety is now a priority, both our staff’s and future clients, we just want to make sure everyone stays safe and that we are ready for providing the better service we can to all people that want to discover more about the Azores this year and in the next ones to come.

We are monitoring all the instructions from the Health departments both in Portugal the mainland as well as the Azorean one. We will be ready when the time comes to be beside you in a very different way but stronger than ever. “

Factory 76, is now following every information that comes out about the tourism industry and we will keep you posted about any news on how we can operate in the near future in terms of safety.

If you want to travel but you are not sure when you will be allowed to do it, we have special vouchers with a year expiration date that you can buy.

If you have any questions, concerns, or doubts about how to travel to the Azores during COVID-19 times, send us a message and we will make sure to help you.

Stay safe and strong and we hope to meet you again in the future.

Hey we need your support!

Thank you for Support us in these difficult times.

Has a way to thank you we will get your back too!


During the time of COVID-19, the tourism area has suffered a lot. So, we made this campaign so you can help us and we can help you too.

If you are planning to visit de Azores, but simply don´t know yet when. Simply buy us a travel voucher with the amount that fits you better.

As a way to thank you for your support the advance, we will offer you besides the amount of your voucher plus 20% on top, so you can spend it when booking your activities and experience with us!

We will give an example,

If you support us with 45 euros we will give a voucher for 54 euros to spend on our tour.

If the amount is 100€, we’ll give you a voucher with 120€.

and so on!

THANK you for having our back now!


Terms & Conditions

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Wellness Package- Special Campaign

Wellness package

100€ / 135€


Welcome to a world of relaxation! With our Wellness Package, you can spoil yourself and be in nature at the same time.

Our Wellness Package includes a peaceful walking trail in the middle of nature, surrounded by birds, trees, water lines, and waterfall, full nature package in one place. After some peacefully walk nothing better than exploring some natural hot spring, from our active volcanos and full of nutrients and minerals, at late afternoon to relax even more your body with the light of the sunset or even the stars!

At the end of the day, your body will be thankful for the relaxing therapy and the mindfulness nature connection



Our Wellness Package Includes:

Pick up and drop off at your hotel, in Ponta Delgada City. (available to other places on the island on request)

Full day experience- around 12 hours.
Entrance to health spas and hot springs.
Picnic -  Tapas menu lunch.

Insurance included

Tour guide



Terms and condition:

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