Have you ever traveled to a destination and asked yourself “what does a local do for fun?” Well, we, locals, are going to answer that question.

1 –Walks by the sea

We can be surrounded by the sea, but we never take it from granted. We love having long walks along the coast. Our recommendation is Santa Barbara beach (north coast) and Praia de Água d’Alto (south coast). They both have bars where we chill afterwards. During the summertime, they have live music as well.

2 –Watch the sunset in Mosteiros

Mosteiros is located at the west end of the island, about 30 kilometers from the island’s capital, Ponta Delgada. Most of us are willing to drive a lot to go there just to see the sunset. The best place to see it is close to Mosteiros’ beach. You can find nearby a little kiosk, where we can enjoy a local beer after the sunset.

3 – Get all the family together and go to Furnas to eat the stew

One or two family members “sacrifices” themselves to wake up at 6 am to go to Furnas and leave the full pan of food (meat, sausages, vegetables, sweet potatoes, yam) to cook underground. Around lunch time, the other family members start to arrive to see the pan being taking out and voilà! Lunch for everybody. During the summertime,
it’s hard to get a table but we don’t care, we are prepared to eat on the floor with our old blankets.

4 –Walking trails

Most of us are pretty sure we know everything of the island, but the truth is, we don’t. We have around 30 walking trails on the island and in our free time, we like to explore a little bit and get to know a lot of new places and do, obviously, some exercise.

5 – Visit Vila Franca islet

If you are going to Vila Franca islet, believe me, 60% of the people on the boat with you, are locals. We really love preparing a big nice picnic and go there with our family and friends. We come back looking like lobsters (don’t forget about sunscreen!) but we just love it.

6 –Go to the thermal pools

The thermal pools aren’t news to us but we love it every time. Normally, we like to go there after a long week of work. The thermal waters allow you to take a totally relaxing bath. In addition to all the magic of immersing yourself in a “bathtub” outdoors, with hot thermal water, it is also therapeutic and beneficial for your health
and well-being. Besides being good for your skin, it also helps improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure.

7 –Eat limpets

The limpets (or lapas, like we say) are a very popular seafood snack here in the Azores. They are usually served grilled, in a sauce of butter, garlic, and spicy red pepper. Some of us, even like to eat it raw.
Some lapas and beer, make an Azorean day complete!

8 – Drive along the coast

We have attractive beaches and stunning viewpoints around nearly every corner. So, we like to go just driving around, with no destination, seeing what the island has to offer. It is very peaceful seeing all the nature! Please, don’t take the highway! Go through the old roads.

9 –Eat Mauricio’s Hotdogs

Mauricio is our guy! He’s known for the best hotdogs in the area. Even tourists know about him. The hot dog stand never has a specific location, he’s always changing places but it’s always in the center of Ponta Delgada. He’s there during the weekend nights and we don’t mind waiting in line just to have a taste!

10 – Go to the Gorreana Tea Factory

Gorreana is part of our history. It is the oldest tea factory in Europe and we are very proud of it. We normally like to go there not only to help local producers but to drink a cup of tea and enjoy all the views there. They have a little bar, where you can see the tea fields and the sea, all in one.

And you? What is your favorite thing to do in São Miguel?